Interior Architecture Photos

When my friend Meredith told me she was coming to visit, Clayton and I decided to spruce up the guest bedroom. We repainted it and decided on creating a national parks style and feel to the room. The idea was sparked by my Pendleton Acadia National Park blanket that’s been sitting in its’ plastic bag and wanting to display it as a wall hanging. After some plumbing supplies from home depot, an educated guess on where the wall studs were and an electric drill we got our DIY project up. The rest of the styling fell into place after that.

National Parks Guest Room

-DIY "Restoration Hardware" inspired blanket rod - Home Depot
-Blanket: Pendleton Acadia National Park blanket
-Quilt and shams: West Elm
-Pillows and rug; plant holder: Humbolt House - Logan Square
-Fan, lamp and magazine holder: Thrift store - Vintage Quest



Here’s some bonus interior photos of Clayton’s lovely home.