Behind the ‘L’

Over the years, I’ve lived in the Chicago area, Atlanta, Brooklyn and Missouri. While assimilating into each new towns’ culture I’ve noticed how the homes give character and an identity to the neighborhoods. Recently on a fashion/about town shoot (see last post) I noticed the houses that face the L track in the Wicker Park area. The homes embody the classic midwestern A frame architecture of older Chicago homes. As a train rushes by with intense sound and power past the homes that are situated with their backdoors to the alley and track, I’m struck with a feeling of wild abandon that seems Wicker Park is slowly shedding.



San Diego

After looking through these photos again from¬†February, I’m asking myself why do I live in Illinois instead of California? We visited San Diego, Palm Springs, Slab City, sand dunes, Tijuana and Joshua Tree (during a hail storm; it was pretty gnarly). We were obvious out-of-towners star gazing while speeding down¬†the highway in the¬†convertible with the top down on the way to Palm Springs, but San Diego in the winter is a cool breeze compared to what was waiting back home in Chicago.¬†It almost felt like a road trip since there was so much to do and see and it was one of my favorite trips of the¬†year.


Selective Mutism – Behind the Scenes

I met Eve, a filmmaker from Chicago, by chance in the office of someone else I happened to be¬†meeting with. We connected as women working in the film industry and that’s when she told me about the documentary¬†she was working on about Selective Mutism.¬†She has become a mentor of sorts while I have been shooting behind the scenes of her interviews for the documentary.

According to Dr. Elisa Shipon Blum,

Selective Mutism is one of the most misdiagnosed, mismanaged and mistreated anxiety disorders of childhood.

Selective Mutism is a childhood anxiety disorder that leaves a child unable to speak in certain situations which can deeply affect multiple aspects of their life. As someone who myself struggles with social anxiety, listening to the stories of those battling and living with it as well as those who are striving to make a difference for children with SM are inspiring.

Eve’s website for her documentary on Selective Mutism:¬†

Facebook Page:

Tucker and Nicole + Pure Michigan

This past weekend I was a bridesmaid in my friend Nicole and Tucker’s wedding in Northern Michigan. I took the photos of everyone getting ready at her fianc√©’s childhood home in Northern Michigan before their photographer, Megan Van Kampen, arrived. There’s a bonus photo of Clayton¬†and a few of my favorites that I never posted from my time in Northern Wisconsin this summer. I love the North woods, apparently.









Wisconsin bonus photos