New York Film

I lived in NYC 2 summers ago, working as an intern but really didn’t take too many photos. However, last summer I went back to visit Brooklyn and Manhattan, as well as my always fantastic friends Meredith and Andy and documented some of our outings.

I’ve been using film a lot more than digital in my personal use for a smattering of reasons. My photography education is rooted in film and the darkroom. I learned how to read a light meter and what the initially confusing and intimidating aperture and shutter speed meant on a 35mm film camera. Now that digital is in the forefront of most photography, especially the photojournalism field, film is beginning to become more and more rare in general and subsequently more expensive. That creates a rarified affect to each of the 26 frames on a 35mm roll of film. Or even more exceptional, 10 or 12 frames on the 120mm lomography camera. On top of that, I shoot without a working or non-existent light meter and I am forced to test my basic photography skills.

What I have found that I love most about film is that while each frame is carefully thought out, I also act on instinct to find the decisive moment when the time comes to hit the shutter. I am obsessed with creatively not wasting a frame. We of course can not create a perfect representation of what we sought after for every attempt we make, but film doesn’t allow the option of going rapid fire on the shutter so I am put into a position of better decision making.

I was reminded after stumbling across these NY images why I am so passionate about photojournalism. Culture and human behavior will never cease to enthrall me because it is always just as equally unpredictable as it is predictable. Societies, nations, cities, neighborhoods all have cliches and stereotypes on the surface, but in reality, are so much more complex than that. It is the intricacy of that juxtaposition that keeps me wanting to learn, observe and document more.

35mm film:                             

Brooklyn Bridge – Tourist


Coney Island – Ferris Wheel


Brooklyn Bridge – Dusk Orthodox


Brooklyn Bridge – Grid


Coney Island – Beach Goers


Diana F+ lomography 120mm format film:

Andy and Meredith in Queens apartment


Coney Island – Umbrella


Brooklyn Bridge – Flag


Coney Island – Double Exposure