The Pegan Sun

There is an annual ritual in Columbia where members of a church welcome the pegan sun outside by an enormous bonfire.  It’s high energy, but there are also a lot of quiet moments that happen throughout, especially beforehand.

This is one of those quiet moments where a regular participant is playing the accordion and singing in a dark room surrounded by candles before the festivities start.

Participants lit sparklers to help welcome the sun.

The long awaited pegan sun.

Breaking News

Friday night, I was walking home from my shift at the Missourian and on the way there, Mallory Benedict and I witnessed a car first attempt to run a red light, then drive through the glass windows of the First Presbyterian Church on Hitt Street.  Not only did he drive through the window and end up about 50 feet inside nearly missing 30-50 people that were inside,  but he had to back up into the cop car behind him in order to successfully go through it.  As Mallory and I stood there in complete awe, Mallory suddenly realized I had my camera and quickly yelled to take pictures.  Its easy for photojournalists to feel disconnected when we arrive after the fact, but when you witness it happening you are a part of it and are no longer just an onlooker.