30Day, One a Day


Director with actor during a rehearsal of ‘Dog Sees God’


I caught her looking just passed the camera, however I wish it didn’t look like she was looking at me. After posting this one, I decided to move on from portraits a bit and challenge myself more.


I think I decided that I like this photograph more.


I couldn’t really leave my house yet so I decided to document what the world looked like from my front porch. Pretty apocalyptic, eh?

5.30: The portrait of a button

Good thing she was wearing red.. makes for beautiful saturation.


I’ve been sick with laryngitis and other ailments this past week, but Friday-yesterday were the worst days, so every morning I’ve been waking up with the sunrise because I can’t sleep.  My frustration with this sickness + lack of sleep leaves me one vice when I stare out my window each day.. the wonderfully golden roof silhouette. It reminds of Fiddler on the Roof and every morning I have ‘Tradition’ stuck in my head.

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