One Day Story

I went to the Rodeo in Sedalia Saturday night.. It was quite a challenge I must say, mainly because of lack of access to different areas. The rodeo was so huge that they wouldn’t let me down on the floor area, only in the stands so my perspective was limited to say the least.  My camera equipment also wasn’t ideal so most of my shots were mostly far overalls.  Looking back I wish I had tried a little more to get the crowd and some more intimate portraits, but this is what I came away with.

30Day, One a Day


Director with actor during a rehearsal of ‘Dog Sees God’


I caught her looking just passed the camera, however I wish it didn’t look like she was looking at me. After posting this one, I decided to move on from portraits a bit and challenge myself more.


I think I decided that I like this photograph more.


I couldn’t really leave my house yet so I decided to document what the world looked like from my front porch. Pretty apocalyptic, eh?

5.30: The portrait of a button

Good thing she was wearing red.. makes for beautiful saturation.


I’ve been sick with laryngitis and other ailments this past week, but Friday-yesterday were the worst days, so every morning I’ve been waking up with the sunrise because I can’t sleep.  My frustration with this sickness + lack of sleep leaves me one vice when I stare out my window each day.. the wonderfully golden roof silhouette. It reminds of Fiddler on the Roof and every morning I have ‘Tradition’ stuck in my head.