Football’s in-betweens

So much happens before, during and after the football is put into play.. Here are my photos from pregame/tailgating, halftime and the infamous aftermath of the Missouri-Oklahoma homecoming game on Saturday.

Amanda Moreland, 21, and Ryan Williams, 21, hug after participating in an M-I-Z cheer while tailgating before the MU Homecoming game Saturday.

The Missouri Tigers football team runs out onto Faurot Field through the fog as over 71,000 yelling fans cheer them on from the stands before the Missouri-Oklahoma homecoming game starts on Saturday, October 23, 2010.

The Mizzou Golden Girls perform at halftime at the Missouri-Oklahoma homecoming game on Saturday, October 23, 2010.  Missouri had a 36-27 victory over the BCS ranked no. 1 Oklahoma.

Pandemonium of fans rushing the field and carrying the goal post out of the stadium:

Action shots in the Columbia Missourian I forgot to include in my previous post:

A Senior Homecoming for Everyone

I had the privilege to photograph the Mizzou-Oklahoma Homecoming game Saturday for the Columbia Missourian. It was both humbling and ego-boosting and an experience I will never forget. Personally, it was a truly magnificent senior homecoming.

Here are some of my favorite action shots, both outtakes and photos that made it in the paper.