Engagement Party/Med School Graduation

My brother is getting married and graduated from Med school from UPenn this past weekend. Enjoy some engagement party and graduation photos!


The Ziemba Men

I always love a little cross flash

UPenn Med school graduation

Kimmel Center in Philadelphia


Grandma with a Congressman. No big deal.

Advanced Techniques

This past semester I took the studio/flash techniques photo class for my photoj sequence.. Here a few of my selects and outtakes from various assignments that I am most proud of.


Classmate Portrait assignment outtakes

Metal and Glass assignment select

Single Flash assignment selects and outtakes from Stephen’s College Stables

Rowing Final Multimedia Group Project link:

Rowing Final Project Outtakes

Ode to the Past

Since starting things off is always the most difficult part, I am going to put some of my favorite photos from past posts inspired by my old blogspot photo blog.

So here’s to the past and stay tuned for future work…


Esche’s Summer 2009







Chicago Road trip

Pit stop