Baby & Family Photos

I did a couple of baby and family shoots recently. One was of the Lee family with adorable baby Raina. The shoot was truly a blast; Radhika and Zach were incredibly hospitable and laid back in front of the camera.


Another important baby shoot happened this November. My new baby niece’s newborn shoot! My family went to Philadelphia where my brother and sister-in-law live over Thanksgiving so I brought my camera along to welcome Dylan Minnie 🙂


Helen & Charlie 06.14.2014

I have a problem with spending time and effort into writing posts, then letting them live in my draft folder for, in this case, years. Here’s an old wedding I shot back in 2014 of Helen and Charlie’s wedding. You’ll read about it below, but that bridal session is still the craziest experience I’ve had to date in my professional career. It’s the end of the year, so I thought I would share an older post where I can be proud of the images, but still see how much I’ve grown as a photographer and editor.

∇         Δ         ∇         Δ         ∇         Δ         ∇         Δ         ∇         Δ         ∇         Δ         ∇

This past June I had the pleasure and honor of shooting the wedding of the beautiful couple, Helen and Charlie.

Before the big day, Helen and I did a bridal shoot downtown about 6 weeks before the wedding. This bridal shoot however was no ordinary shoot. Everything seemed to be stacked against us that day, from running late, to the rain, to a totaled car, to rushing to our back up location in the loop during rush hour. All ending in waiting on a tow truck in a dark Jackson Park parking lot. Helen however, was an absolute pro in keeping her composure with every step of the way, despite looking like a runaway bride while last minute having to drive herself (and get gas in her wedding dress) to the South Side location. We ended up having to forgo our outdoor Jackson Park location and rush to our back up indoor location, leaving us less than 45 minutes to shoot. Luckily by then the rain had subsided and we were left with a gorgeous rooftop garden atop the Lightology showroom that overlooks the city.

Take a look at the Bridal Shoot gallery and photos from their June wedding at the over a century old Christ Church in Winnetka and reception at the Illinois Beach Resort.




Interior Architecture Photos

When my friend Meredith told me she was coming to visit, Clayton and I decided to spruce up the guest bedroom. We repainted it and decided on creating a national parks style and feel to the room. The idea was sparked by my Pendleton Acadia National Park blanket that’s been sitting in its’ plastic bag and wanting to display it as a wall hanging. After some plumbing supplies from home depot, an educated guess on where the wall studs were and an electric drill we got our DIY project up. The rest of the styling fell into place after that.

National Parks Guest Room

-DIY "Restoration Hardware" inspired blanket rod - Home Depot
-Blanket: Pendleton Acadia National Park blanket
-Quilt and shams: West Elm
-Pillows and rug; plant holder: Humbolt House - Logan Square
-Fan, lamp and magazine holder: Thrift store - Vintage Quest



Here’s some bonus interior photos of Clayton’s lovely home.



Behind the ‘L’

Over the years, I’ve lived in the Chicago area, Atlanta, Brooklyn and Missouri. While assimilating into each new towns’ culture I’ve noticed how the homes give character and an identity to the neighborhoods. Recently on a fashion/about town shoot (see last post) I noticed the houses that face the L track in the Wicker Park area. The homes embody the classic midwestern A frame architecture of older Chicago homes. As a train rushes by with intense sound and power past the homes that are situated with their backdoors to the alley and track, I’m struck with a feeling of wild abandon that seems Wicker Park is slowly shedding.


San Diego

After looking through these photos again from February, I’m asking myself why do I live in Illinois instead of California? We visited San Diego, Palm Springs, Slab City, sand dunes, Tijuana and Joshua Tree (during a hail storm; it was pretty gnarly). We were obvious out-of-towners star gazing while speeding down the highway in the convertible with the top down on the way to Palm Springs, but San Diego in the winter is a cool breeze compared to what was waiting back home in Chicago. It almost felt like a road trip since there was so much to do and see and it was one of my favorite trips of the year.